We have learned to be smart about safety since the day we were born.

We were the first generation of babies that always rode in car seats. When we got a little bigger, lots of us used booster seats. Later, we learned about airbags, how they can severely injure or kill anyone too close to the airbag when it deploys. We learned that everyone should be buckled up and to look in car owner's manuals for more information. Now that we’re 11 and 12, we know a back seat is still the safest place for us to ride in a car.

We’re the Safest Generation.

And Safe Kids wants us to stay that way.

That’s because – even though buckling up is a habit for most of us – some kids our age start to slip. It’s just a stage. But it’s a risky one.

Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for us, and not wearing a seat belt increases the chances that we will die or be hurt in a wreck. Most wrecks involve the front end of the car.

The goal of the Safest Generation campaign is to help us stay smart. About buckling up all the time. And about riding in a back seat whenever possible.

Safe Kids was founded in 1987 to tackle the leading killer of children 14 and under: unintentional injuries. For more than a decade, Safe Kids has worked to raise awareness and push for laws that protect children from needless tragedies, whether in cars, on bicycles, on playgrounds, or in buildings that lack smoke alarms.

Now known as Safe Kids Worldwide, our Washington, D.C.-based organization is a network of more than 450 coalitions in 16 countries. In the United States, dedicated professionals and volunteers lead more than 300 coalitions in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

You can learn more about Safe Kids or find your local coalition at www.USA.SafeKids.org.

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